Should I Get a Protection Order

Deciding whether or not to file for a protection order is a very important and individual decision. While many people find the order to be a good tool for keeping abusers away from them, it does not work equally well in every case.

Some abusers continue to try to contact and abuse their partners even when there is a court order in place and some become even more dangerous after an order is filed because they feel they are losing control of their partner and the relationship. While there is no way to predict how someone will respond to being served with a protection order, it is important to think about the way you believe your abuser may react based on their past behavior.

Help is available!

It is recommended that you contact the Protection Order Advocacy Program as well as an advocate from a community based domestic violence program to discuss the safety benefits and drawbacks of filing for a protection order. These advocates will support whatever decision you make with regard to filing an order or not and can help you make a more informed decision.

REMEMBER: You are the most knowledgeable person about your own situation. Always trust your own instincts and judgment about how the abuser might react and about what you need to do to keep yourself and your children safe.